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From lanes of Khadakmal Ali to India’s Paradise

  • When we talk about a humble neighborhood, we are bound to imagine different individuals having diverse personalities, habits, varied lifestyles and more. To look at it unbiasedly, it would be right to say that such small localities, in essence, represent the society at large. They mirror the values that the society characterizes, because most of the times, it is from these small localities that celebrated personalities emerge. These insignificant vicinities that shape revered personalities are worth writing about and are exceptionally fascinating.
  • In one such ordinary neighborhood of Pune, a man was born on 5 February 1957. Growing through the circumstances, appreciating the value of human life closely and exploring the different facets of the society, this man, even today at the age of 61, excitedly and positively asserts the importance of blood and blood ties. Mr. Ram Bangad, all his life, not only did emphasize the value of building blood relations, but also chose to nurture and develop every relation affectionately.
  • An incident in 1976 was the turning point in his simple life. The death of a little girl, owing to lack of required blood group, was enough to ignite Mr. Ram’s desire for saving lives. In the year 1977, Mr. Ram joined a well-regarded bank as an employee, and it was here that through the employee union and their initiatives he took to regular blood donation. Taking the mission further, he used rough papers and discarded cardboards to write inspiring slogans and spread the message of voluntary blood donation among the customers of the bank. Fortunately, his passion was further fueled as more and more people became aware and joined in the noble cause, and started donating blood.
  • In the year 1997, he took it upon himself to organize a one-of-its-kind, all-inclusive blood donation camp at Modern College in Pune. He and his companions were successful in collecting 284 bags of blood through the camp. Through enormous struggles and commitment, the meagre number has today reached to lakhs of bags and thousands of lives as ‘Raktache Nate’. In fact, today, there are hardly any Sundays when blood donation camps are not organized.
  • Mr. Ram started the blood donation revolution at a time when there were no sophisticated methods of communication, no phones or emails. It was only his enthusiasm to do something for the society and his ownership to make it happen, which kept him driven throughout. Started with just one man, the ‘Raktache Nate’ family today is like a gigantic tree that is proudly touching the skies and has thousands of branches spread around. Several patrons and zealous individuals have come together to make ‘Raktache Nate’ what it is today!
  • To take the movement forward, Mr. Ram has decided to take the blood donation mission further north to Kashmir. To ensure that our self-sacrificing soldiers and the loving dwellers never have to face shortage of blood, Mr. Ram has pledged to publicize the noble cause in Kashmir by organizing a blood donation drive. He has readied a team of 35 enthusiastic donors from Maharashtra and Punjab, who will donate blood in the Paradise and stand as testimonies of altruistic service.
  • Mr. Ram’s journey from the lanes of Khadakmal Ali to Kashmir is an exemplary quest for thousands of aspiring youths and social organizations. Mr. Ram’s undying passion, his team of enthused donors, several networks of noble organizations and numerous benefited patients, come together to form this biggest family that is not connected by birth, but by blood.
  • To the man who is an epitome of generosity and perseverance, to the man who has woven strangers in permanent blood relationships, to the man who places ‘we’ before ‘me’ – we salute Mr. Ram!