Raktache Nate

Raktache Nate Charitable Trust

Raktache Nate Charitable Trust is a not-for-profit organization established in the year 2001 to cater to the mounting blood needs in Pune city. 'Raktache Nate' as the name suggests 'blood relationships' intends to connect individuals across the country as blood donors and recipients to help bridge the gap between blood availability and requirement at affordable costs. The organization functions in the social setting with the support of expert management, enthusiastic volunteers, diverse blood banks, renowned hospitals and several social institutions. Presently, the 'Raktache Nate' family has 60,000 members across Maharashtra which continue to grow by the day.

Our Mission

To cater to the blood needs across cities and societies by building a diverse, exhaustive network of blood donors-recipients to make blood generously available at all times.

Our operation

For the last 13 years, the organization has been working relentlessly to set up well-knit networks; without accepting any monetary donations from its volunteers and recipients. At present,...

we are operating from a central office in Pune city that has a vast repository of volunteer information,which is curated and updated by dedicated staff.However,as we get bigger and reach out to more disadvantaged individuals each day,we realize that our financial and physical constrains limit our effort and operations.