• Raktache Nate
    Charitable Trust

    Donate Blood... Save Lives

  • Raktache Nate
    Charitable Trust

    Donate Blood... Save Lives

  • Raktache Nate
    Charitable Trust

    Donate Blood... Save Lives

Blood is meant to circulate. Pass it on!

Raktache Nate Charitable Trust

Raktache Nate Charitable Trust (Pune) is a not-for-profit organization established in 2001. It caters to the mounting blood needs across the country. 'Raktache Nate' as the name suggests 'blood relationships' intends to connect individuals across India as blood donors and recipients to help bridge the gap between blood availability and requirement at affordable costs. Standing true to the tagline ‘Need Blood, Call Us’, the organization functions in the social setting 24*7 with the support of volunteers, blood banks, hospitals and social institutions. Presently, the 'Raktache Nate' family has connected more than 1,00,000 members across India, which continue to grow by the day. Raktache Nate Charitable Trust has proudly arranged more than 1000 blood donation camps across the country.

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Come and be a proud life-long blood donor; it is priceless!

Facilitate to build wider blood networks across societies, locations, cities and help collate comprehensive volunteer directories

Organize blood donation camps, seek our expert guidance and associate with us as volunteers.

Donate generously to help us keep the mission alive and realize the dream of an evenhanded society. We now accept donations under 80G.


Team Raktache Nate

  • Raktache Nate has fully functional blood networks at Sangli, Ahmednagar, Latur, Wai, Bhor, Baramati, Thane, Mumbai, Satara, Nanded, Parbhani, Nashik, Mahad, Roha etc.
  • Raktache Nate is an active member of the Federation of Indian Blood Donor Organisation (FIBDO) and a supporter of the 'Thalassemia Society of India'.
  • The Trust has built a strong network of blood banks, organizations and donors across more than 15 States of India.
  • The Trust houses a comprehensive list of more than 3000 negative blood group donors and more than 400 Bombay OHH group donors.
  • Raktache Nate organized one-of-its-kind, first Inter-State blood donation camp in Kashmir in May 2018. In September 2018, an Inter-State mega blood donation camp with donors from 11 states of India was organized at Pune by the Trust.